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احنا اللي رقصنا 


رسومات عن الطبقة الوسطى المصرية، بتعبر عن سلوكهم الاستهلاكي، ومظهرهم الاجتماعي، وكيف ينظر إليهم الطبقات الأخرى. ت 

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"مشروع نورهان معيوف: "احنا الي رقصنا

طبق كشري: حواديت من الطبقة الوسطي في مصر
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The Artist: Nourhan Mayouf

Nourhan Maayouf is currently an MA student at École de Design et Haute École d'art du Valais, studying Arts in Public Spheres. Her research and artistic practice revolves around domestic themes, gender issues, and contemporary human relationships. She likes to represent the Egyptian middle-class in her work, particularly females and her millennial generation. Direct conversations and practical interactions with the public is her primary form of research. Maayouf initially comes from a business background and has worked in the field of qualitative research and communication besides her visual art practice. She likes to bring her formal research skills and writing experience in her artistic practice. Throughout her artistic career she has won local and regional awards, most prominently is Absa bank l’Atelier grand award in South Africa, topping one hundred African artists in contemporary art in 2016.

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